Marvin A. – Swarthmore, PA

Marvin A. – Swarthmore, PA

The work to be done was explained in detail, with places where I could offer opinions, changes, etc. The estimate was clear and detailed. The estimate clarified the options, possible extra costs (e.g. replacing damaged wood sheathing beneath the shingles.)

I received a detailed copy of the signed agreement.

Everything was done as planned. I did later opt for a different more elaborate gutter system, which had been discussed but about which I was uncertain. This did add to the cost for a replacement of the old gutter system. However, my experience in heavy rains since then shows these larger gutters, which require heavy brackets, works very well. I believe the price was very good for the size of the main roof, the additional garage and porch roofs, the amount of work done, products, and quality.

I have checked out the way the new roof and gutters are working. The enhanced protection along the sides of the chimneys is just great. The downspouts, especially with redesigned emptying from the upper roof is working very well, a big and noticeable improvement. Now for the bonus: MY CELLAR IS DRY today after 3 or 4 days of rain from Hurricane Sandra. The people who lived here before me said “this will always be a very damp cellar.” (They had a dehumidifier.) It used to be very damp.

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