Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

The condition of the roof is the last thing most homeowners think about until an obvious problem arises.  Summer heat can burn protective coatings causing caulking to crack, shingles to curl, and flashing to seperate.   A roof must be working properly to last through the winter months.  I strongly recommend your roof be inspected by a licensed roofing contractor prior to the onset of frigid weather.

An experienced roofing contractor can spot problem areas during a roof inspection such as:

  • Overall shingle appearance
  • Properly working rain gutters
  • Cracks in vent collar sealing boots
  • Intact metal counter flashing on chimney
  • Skylight and vent seals
  • Flat roof membrane and perimeter metal edge flashing condition
  • Interior water marks and peeling paint

The minimal cost of a roof inspection can save thousands of dollars and stress of roof failure during the winter months when roof repairs and new roof applications are most difficult.

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